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Help us make this the richest source of music for social change in the world.

We've launched this one-of-a-kind music discovery tool for all of the fans, artists, DJs, journalists, activists and nonprofits looking for songs that speak to social change—and we want YOU to bring it to life. Here's how the beta site works: Search our growing database of songs in all genres, and find inspiration for any social cause—a rap about alternative energy, a folk anthem to human rights, a heavy metal rant against bullying. Know a song that isn't here but should be? Add it!

STAY TUNED FOR UPCOMING FEATURES: Build a playlist for your cause, and send, post or tweet it to friends. Vote for your favorite social-change songs to win prizes and support artists making a difference. Let's put these songs to work!

  • Use our SHORTCUTS to browse lists of songs sorted by artist name, cause or music genre.
  • Search for specific keyword combinations, such as "economic justice" and "reggae" in the SEARCH KEYWORDS field.
  • Use FIND/ADD A SONG to locate and edit songs already in our database. If the song is not here, you'll be prompted to add it.

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